Tundra Summer 2014 : Cover

Knowing the Facts Could equal a Wealth of Opportunity FOOD ALLERGIES The prevalence of reported food allergies increased 18% among children under 18 years of age, from 1997-2007 (that’s your future clientele!) GLUTEN FREE Gluten-free sales are expected to double in 2015, reaching more than $5 billion in sales 18% 50% HEALTH RELATED DIETING KOSHER 71% 91% 4% 4% of the American population are Kosher (the same percentage of people with food allergies) 71% of adults today are trying to eat healthier at restaurants than they did two years ago 57% VEGAN & VEGETARIAN 57% of the 7.3 million vegetarians have chosen plant-based protein for 10+ years 91% of American consumers want GMOs labeled, while 60 other countries in the world already have restrictions, or outright bans, on the production and sales of GMOs NON-GMO 800.594.4183 | summer 2014 july 1 -september 30

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